the only thing that makes it a part of your life is that you keep thinking about it

- C.

too young to hate the world, right?

- C.


ville bare nske en god kveld!

- C.

never try to measure yourself with others

Youmeasure yourselfagainst yourself and nobody else

- C.

just because you fail once does not mean you are gonna fail at everything.

dagens antrekk.

- C.

pastell sommer

- C.

the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cant do

til vren og sommeren kommer det masse pastell farger, jeg har spesielt forelsket meg i den mintgrnne som ogs passer fint n i de siste vintermnedene! to nederste plaggene er fra cubus!

- C.

never regret something that once made you smile

sen frokost uten sminke p meg. skal ta en tur til birkelund markedet etterhvert. ha en fin sndag!

- C.

The best gift for those who judge you is your shoes. Let them walk in them, so they know and understand

summer love

- C.

Life becomes so much better when you decide not to care. Just live for the moment and don't let the drama bring you down

Free PeopleJanuary lookbook
Photographer: Taylor Dunfee
Hair: Conrad Dornan
Make-up: Deanna Hagan
Model: Alex Spencer of 4thandbleeker
- C.
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fashion C.

fashion C.

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